liquid filtration

Filter textiles

Filter fabrics for wide range of applications. Cotton, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, PVC, PTFE materials from valued suppliers. Monofilament meshes, nonwowen materials.

Cartridge filter systems

Spunbond, meltblown pre filters
Integrity tested PES, PVDF, GF membrane cartridges
Disposable filter capsules
Stainless steel filters, Filter discs
Filter housings

bag filter systems

Custom made and standard filter bags for wide range of application. Polyester, Polypropylene and Nylon needlefelt or sieve bags from 1 micron to 1000 micron. 

Waste water tratment, sludge dewatering

Custom-designed waste water treatment technologies from planning to execution. Sludge thickening and dewatering. Chamber and membrane filter presses, belt filters, centrifuges. Complete planning, design and installation.


  • Reconstruction and turn-key construction/installation of process water and potable water treatment plants (<400 m3/d) 
  • The supply and installation of a container-based water purification units
  • HLOROGEN-Container based chlorine solution production


Filter press cloths

Filter cloths and belts are made according to the customers specification. 

Our filter press cloths are available in a variety of materials form the standard weave to
the mono-multifilamen polypropylene, polyester, or PVC for any industrial application.

Belt filter systems

Belt filters up to 2600 mm width.  Capacity: 2 – 32 m³/h.

Centrifuge bags, centrifuge sheets

Custom made centrifuge bags and centrifuge sheets for any type of centrifuge.

Certified materials, mono-, multifilament, double layer fabrics.

Self cleaning filters

Self cleaning basket and cartridges filters for wide range of applications.

Non woven filter rolls

Coolant filter rolls are available in polypropylene, viscose, polyester materials, in 10-130 g/m2, up to 2300 mm width.

dust filtration

filter textiles

Filter fabrics for wide range of applications. Cotton, polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, PVC, PTFE materials from valued suppliers. Monofilament meshes, nonwowen materials.

Bag filter systems, filter bags

Complete Dedusting Systems from planning to execution. Standard and custom made filter bags.

Filter bags and multi-pocket filters

Custom made filter bags and sleeves for any dry application. Our dust filter bags are available in any size, lengths and shape. Also any desing is available such as welded or sewn versions, as well as different top and bottom designs.

fluid bed dryer bags

20 years of manufacturing experience, quality references, FDA certified materials. Pharma audited production process.  We offer fluid bad dryer bags for any machine manufacturers design, shape and material.


Cartridge filter systems, filter cartridges

Special and standard dedusting Systems, compact or Compact dedusting systems with integrated fan and HEPA filter unit. Ex protected Systems with ATEX certificate. Special and standard filter cartridges for any dry application.

air filtration

Filter mats and filter sheets

Synthetic, glass fiber filter mats and rolls for different applications. 

Z-Line Filters

Panel filters for pre filtration or for repelacement of secondary filters in dedusting units.

pocket filters

Synthetic pocket filters for air filter applications in standard or in custom dimensions. Filter classes from  G3 to F9.


Cost saving and environement freandly solution of pocket filter systems. Easy to change filter media, mounting frame.

HEPA filters

MDF or stainless steel framed HEPA Filters for cleanroom applications in any size, from H10 to H14 grades. 

filter mats

Glass fibre filter mats for paint mist in rolls or in cuts.

Compact filters

Compact filters with increased filter area and high dirt holding capacity for higher air flow in F6-F9 grades.

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